Graduation Limo & Party Buses in Vancouver Bc




Graduation Limo & Party Buses

Every grad student has to deal with a budget when planning a graduation. Planned for this moment for as long as could be remembered. Right down to the details of the limousine

interior and the red carpet service you have dreamed of over and over, picturing your exit as you gracefully step out for the first time as everyone stares on. Your mom’s friend

is making your gown and you have kept the design details a secret even from your best friend. Every girl will be jealous with envy and you can’t wait to walk into the room

and have every set of eyes on you. You call the limo company again just to make they received your deposit and repeatedly ask the girl on the phone to promise the phat cat

limo is still yours and no matter what happens she will not give away your party bus, after all, it’s your party bus. No other limo service in Vancouver has this particular style

and you would know, having searched the entire city. The girl on the phone reassures you with a hearty laugh and you begin to relax as you trust her commitment to the dancing

visions your mind contains. Only two months to go before the best night of your life will take place, you wonder if you’ll have a boyfriend to take you to the dance by then….

Graduation Limo & Party Buses in Vancouver Bc